A Playlist for Summertime

Music might be one of the most underrated elements of our day to day lives. We've noticed that having a soundtrack of sorts in our own life almost certainly delivers a boost or calms a mood in a way that few other things can. For this reason, we have taken to carefully crafting a playlist… Continue reading A Playlist for Summertime

Summer Rhythms

In Pennsylvania we're fortunate enough to experience four seasons in all their wonderful glory. Each year, we've noticed ourselves falling more and more into a sort of cadence. There's a sweet rhythm to the seasons that we're settling into.  The autumns are crisp and feel like grace after the heat of summer. The winters are… Continue reading Summer Rhythms

Meal Planning | The How 2/2

I emphasized in the last post the importance of finding a meal planning rhythm that works within the context of your own lifestyle. Today I'm sharing our own weekly process, as a potential starting point for you to imagine your own. So as you read through, take some. Take all. Take none. Take what works… Continue reading Meal Planning | The How 2/2

Meal Planning—The How 1/2

Many people need little convincing for why meal planning is a good idea. I have yet to meet someone in firm opposition to it. (But if this does happen to be you, you can begin with the first post of this series Meal Planning—The Why.) And yet despite the desire to plan meals, many folks still… Continue reading Meal Planning—The How 1/2

Meal Planning—The Why

When we were brand spanking newly married, we spent the first few years deciding what we would eat on the way home from work and pick up the ingredients on an almost nightly basis.  And it showed in more ways than one.  To begin, we ate an absurd amount of frozen pizza.  But our mealtime… Continue reading Meal Planning—The Why

Why I Gave Up on Home Organization

I've been working on composing a series of ideas and thoughts on simple home organization that is actually functional and lasting. Thoughts on simple home organization for the average individual, if you will. I was eager and excited...tackling that dreaded junk drawer, etc. Labeling away like a mad woman. Bringing order to the chaos. When… Continue reading Why I Gave Up on Home Organization

The Spiritual Discipline of Remembrance

One of my greatest frustrations with myself lies in my forgetfulness. I forget the lessons that God has been gifting me through this journey of life. I forget the items of true importance in life and get easily swept up by the distractions of the day. I forget God's character and my own and how… Continue reading The Spiritual Discipline of Remembrance

The Secret to Storing Greens

With Josh being on the ketogenic diet for a few months now, greens have taken a regular place in our diet. But even though we would eat them almost daily, we could never make it through a container or bag of greens before they would start to get damp and spoil. This was frustrating on… Continue reading The Secret to Storing Greens

Inviting Spring into Your Home and Life

Spring is this magical season of awakening and rebirth and new life. As we crawl out of the cold, restful, darkness of winter, the sunshine and crisp breezes tingle our skin and awaken something within us.  I mentioned in a recent post that as we've transitioned into eating more wholesome foods, we've inevitably taken more… Continue reading Inviting Spring into Your Home and Life

A Beginner’s Guide to Simple Living

WHAT IT IS | Our world is fast and it's massively complicated. And millions of people are deciding that such a lifestyle is not for them. They don't want to live this one precious life feeling hurried and perpetually behind. And so...one of my favorite 'trends' to arise in my lifetime, is this return to the… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Simple Living